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A Concierge Service

Doing your own research is a good start. Sites like are excellent for your initial information, but they are limited to discussing things in the broadest sense.

While Medicare itself is the same across the US, every state can have different plans and in some cases, different coverage. (You can attend one of our information seminars for more localized information.)

When choosing a plan, you need to discuss your specific situation and needs with someone familiar with plans available to you. That is our role.

We meet

We set up a time to meet where you can bring your questions, concerns, and needs. We discuss the options available to you, finding the right plan.

We’ll understand the basics of Medicare, review your specific needs and your current prescription medications. From there, we’ll discuss your policy options and help with the enrollment process.

Once enrolled, we then assist you, helping find doctors and specialists such as chiropractors, who take your plan.

Follow up

Throughout the year we follow up with you, by email or phone to touch base, say hello, and make sure everything is going well.

My assistant, Jordan, is my main customer service contact point. She (as am I) is available for immediate help without the need to call a toll-free number. We are here to help, not sell.

My wife and Vice President, Toni and my daughter-in-law, Kelly both work behind the scenes. Odds are you will meet them soon!

We bring peace of mind to folks and they know they're taken care of on the worst day they can imagine.