It is Time to Review Your Medicare Advantage Options!

It is Time to Review Your Medicare Advantage Options banner

Medicare Annual Open Enrollment – October 15 through December 7! During this window of time you have the opportunity, if needed, to change your Medicare Advantage Plan or your Prescription Drug Plan.  Ask yourself: How has my current plan been performing for me this past year? Will/has my situation or needs change(d)? What is new…

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What is Dual Complete? 

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Dual Complete is a subsidized program under Medicare Advantage plans and requires you to have both Medicare and Medicaid. To qualify for Medicare, you must be 65 years old or have a permanent disability for more than 2 years.  To qualify for Medicaid, you must meet your state’s income limits.  (Below I provide approximate qualifications…

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Prescription Drug Prices Can Now Be Negotiated by Medicare

Prescription drug prices and Build Back Better banner

Thanks to the recently passed Build Back Better plan, prescription drug pricing will be lower for EVERYONE on Medicare. Regardless of your political affiliation, this is a big help to seniors, saving them a lot of money.   How will it work? Next year, the government will pick 10 drugs and negotiate to obtain a…

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If You Have Medicare, Is Your Vision Care Covered?

If You Have Medicare, Is Your Vision Care Covered banner

This is a question I hear often from individuals start enrolling in Medicare. They are typically leaving a work plan and they have heard they need to get a vision plan because Medicare doesn’t cover vision care services.    How can that be? Original Medicare, Part A and Part B, offers limited vision coverage, and…

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Can You Save on Your Medicare Part B Premium with a Refund?

Can You Save on Your Medicare Part B Premium with a Refund banner

There is a commercial promoting a refund on your Medicare Part B premium, and it’s raising questions with many folks.  The commercial states you’ll receive up to $148.00 credit, if you sign up for a Medicare Advantage Plan that offers you a number of extra benefits.  While the spot has been running for about a…

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Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Care and Medicare

Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Care and Medicare banner

What is skilled nursing facility care? Skilled nursing care refers to any patient care, treatment, or therapy that can only be performed safely and effectively by licensed nurses. It is post hospital care provided at a skilled nursing facility certified by Medicare. This could be a hospital or independent nursing home. Care includes, though not…

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